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1.1 No doxing

Do not dox anyone

Meaning you CANNOT share any private information of anyone, without their consent, this includes, but is not limited to: Real name, aliases, adresses, phone numbers or usernames

1.2 Be respectful

No forms of NSFW, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism or alike

Even if it’s meant as a joke or just “for fun” it’s not acceptable

1.3 Do not harass or attack others

Even if they “deserve it” or gets on your nerves, take a step away from the computer instead

1.4 No spam

Do. Not. Spam.

1.5 No advertisements

Do not advertise. Not for you. Not for others

1.6 Third party mods

“Hacks”, “mods”, “texturepacks” etc. that can give you an unfair advantage, is NOT allowed

Although keep in mind, texture packs like Faithful, and mods like Sodium and Optifine are allowed

1.7 Respect the Hierarchy

Do as our guard team says! (ingame only ofc) if you do not, then punishment may be followed, by the guard, as long as they have a proper reason

Staff’s word is law, do as staff say (within reason of course!) if a staff suspects you of have broken any rules, they have the right to punish you with a ban/kick/mute


2.1 Black market

You must have a guard buddy with you 🙂 no going into black markets alone!

2.2 Jail

You must stand in a PVP zone when you jail someone!

You cannot jail someone while you’re in active PVP though!

2.3 RP

You die? you forget about your “past life”, meaning you CANNOT jail someone, after they’ve killed you!

2.4 Corruption

You ARE allowed to be corrupt, BUT getting caught, can result in a demotion (catching someone, and reporting it up, can result in a bonus or promotion!)

You ARE NOT allowed to be corrupt with yourself though! meaning you can’t be corrupt with one of your other minecraft accounts! (if you have, or have access to multiple accounts)

2.5 Gear!

You MUST have the right gear for your rank/world you’re in! failure to do so, will result in punishment! meaning you can’t have SCSS gear on, on the Moon, or alike!


3.1 Cell Searching

You can ONLY go into a “cell” under a “full prison search”

OR if you see a “naughty” player, meaning if you see someone with f.x. a sword, or growing illegal narcotics, you can go in, and do a full search of THAT cell, and THAT CELL alone (REMEMBER! you must not be using xray, or “xray texturepacks” or anything alike, to get an unfair advantage, you should be able to see it, from outside the cell, with vanilla textures)

You also are allowed to follow a player into their cell, should they be fleeing from you, and if you then see illegal stuff inside, well, then you’re allowed to do a full search of the cell

Remember you may only look inside containers, under a full search of a cell