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1.1 No doxing

Do not dox anyone

Meaning you CANNOT share any private information of anyone, without their consent, this includes, but is not limited to: Real name, aliases, adresses, phone numbers or usernames

1.2 Be respectful

No forms of NSFW, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism or alike

Even if it’s meant as a joke or just “for fun” it’s not acceptable

1.3 Do not harass or attack others

Even if they “deserve it” or gets on your nerves, take a step away from the computer instead

1.4 No spam

Do. Not. Spam.

1.5 No IRL advertisements

Do not advertise. Not for you. Not for others for things like websites, youtube channels or social medias

You are however allowed to advertise your island or auction house etc. ALTHOUGH KEEP IT MINIMUM, and spamming will lead to a mute or ban (Max one ad every 30min)

1.6 Third party mods

“Hacks”, “mods”, “texturepacks” etc. that can give you an unfair advantage, is NOT allowed

Although keep in mind, texture packs like Faithful, and mods like Sodium and Optifine are allowed

1.7 Respect the Hierarchy

Staff’s word is law, do as staff say (within reason of course!) if a staff suspects you of have broken any rules, they have the right to punish you with a ban/kick/mute