Last Updated: 27/01/2024


When referring to “we” or “us” we mean the Space-Craft Team

When referring to “services” or alike, we mean any of our products, Discord server, This website or Minecraft server

When referring to “you” “user” or alike, we mean you, the user of our services

These Terms and Conditions applies to all our services, unless other is specified

Prone to seizures?

PLEASE NOTE, flashing lights may be shown in our services, if you have epilepsy or are prone to seizures, use our services at your own risk

We do not assume any responsibility for your health or safety, when using our services


By using our services, you hereby accept these terms and conditions, shown on this site, just by playing on our server, you acknowledge that you know about the website, and just by knowing about our website, you’ve shown you know that these terms and conditions exist. In rare instances can we ask for extra permission, should it be required

Electronic Communication

By using this website or using our services, means you agree and understand that we may contact you electronically, through our website, mail, ingame or discord, and you agree that all agreements, messages, publications or other communication methods, which we deliver electronically, to meet any legal requirements, including but not limited to, the requirement that such communications be in writing

Intellectual Property

We own and control all our intellectual property and rights, with the website, it’s data, information or resources which is saved here

You may not copy, publish or take ownership of our material, without our permission

Third party Property

Our website may include “hyperlinks” or other references to other parties websites. WE will NOT be responsible for your safety on those websites. Products and services that are offered on those websites, are therefore separate from this websites, this includes, but is not limited to their TOS, payment, data or information etc.
Views or materials shown on those websites, are not necessarily supported by us

We WILL NOT assume any responsibility for what happens there, you take all responsibility, for yourself on those third party services

Responsible use

By using our services, you agree that you MAY ONLY use them for it’s intended goals

Any activities or actions that could harm, damage, disturb or alike our services, are NOT allowed


You can register an “account” with us, on the website, to for example, comment. In this process, you are asked to create a password. YOU are responsible to keep your account information a secret, along with safe access to our services, WE take no responsibility in keeping your account information safe

Should you be banned or forcefully removed from our services, YOU may not try to avoid the punishment

Content written by you

By writing content in our services (be it commenting on this site, sending a message on our discord server or sending a message in minecraft chat, private message or public etc.) you accept that anything you type, can be published, without warning, for whatever reason, for anyone to see, and for anyone to copy and download. YOU are responsible for not publishing any information that you don’t want published

You absolutely may not publish any information from other people, YOU take full responsibility, should you accidentally publish something, you shouldn’t have

If you publish anything on our services, you also accept that it will be archived, and therefore saved

Idea Suggestions

If you come with ideas / suggestions to us, then it must be something you own the rights to, it MAY NOT be something you don’t have permission on

If you share any idea or suggestion to us, you transfer full ownership of the idea / suggestion, you cannot take this back, and we will own full license and right to reproduce, publish, recreate, translate or alike. Short said, we would own full ownership of it, unless you have specifically written permission from us

Termination of use

We may, for whatever reason, whenever, edit or deny your access to our services, permanent or temporary, you agree that we are not responsible for you, or any third party, for a change, suspension or denying of access, to use of our services, or anything you’ve shared on our services. YOU do not have any right for compensation, or any other payment from us, even though you’ve donated or done other services for us. Should we choose to remove or change any part you’ve created, you may not try to renavigate or otherwise try to circumvent, our or others access to our services

Warranties and liability

Certainly! Here’s the translation into English:

“Nothing in this section will limit or exclude any warranty that is implied by law, as it would be unlawful to limit or exclude. This website and all content on the website are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis and may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. We expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, regarding the availability, accuracy, or completeness of the content. We make no warranty that:

  • This website and our content will meet your expectations or requirements
  • This website will be available uninterrupted, at any time, secure, and error-free

Nothing on this website constitutes or is intended to constitute legal, financial, or medical advice in any way. If you need advice, you should contact a professional in the relevant field.

The following provisions in this section will apply to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law and will not limit or exclude our liability in relation to anything that it would be unlawful for us to limit or exclude our liability. Under no circumstances will we be liable for any direct or indirect damages (including any damages for loss or corruption of data, software, database, or damage to property or data) incurred by you or third parties arising from access to or use of our website.

Unless otherwise stated in a separate contract, our maximum liability to you for any damages arising from our website or services, regardless of the form of action imposing liability (whether in contract, equity, negligence, tort, or otherwise), will be limited to 5 DKK. Such a limit will apply collectively to all your claims, actions, and suits of every kind.”

Private life

To access our services, you may be asked to inform information about yourself. This information should always be correct and up to date

Minimum Age

To use our services, you accept our TOS and Privacy Policy, and that you are over the age of 13

Are you over 13, but under 18, you MUST get a parent or guardian to read, understand and agree to our TOS and Privacy Policy, before you may access our services any further, your parent or guardian assume full responsibility for your actions

Breach of the terms of service

Without prejudice to our other rights under these terms and conditions, if you in any way violate these terms and conditions, we may take action that we deem appropriate to address your breach, this may include temporary or permanent suspension of your access to our services, or contacting your internet provider to request you being blocked from our services, and/or issue a lawsuit against you


You agree to indemnify and defend us from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, losses, and expenses arising from your violation of these terms and conditions, and applicable laws, including intellectual property rights and privacy rights. You will promptly reimburse us for damages, losses, costs, and expenses associated with your violations


These terms and conditions will only be written and upheld on English or Danish, any messages or correspondence will only be in those languages


These terms and conditions constitute the agreement between you(the user) and us

Updating or editing of these terms and conditions

We can change or update these terms and conditions, from time to time, without warning. IT IS YOUR responsibility to check from time to time, for changes, these changes will be active as soon as they’re public, your continued use of our services will therefore be under them

The court of justice

These terms and conditions are subject to Danish law. Any disputes relating to these terms and conditions shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Danish courts. If any part of these terms and conditions receives a judgment from a court or other authority that is not the Danish court, it will be deemed invalid

Contact Information

Our services are maintained by Space-Craft

You may contact us about any questions at: “” (without“”)